Friday, September 14, 2007

My Hope & Dreams For TEAM

I entitled this blog post My Hopes & Dreams for TEAM, because the assignment so closely resembled a blog assignment that I recently gave to my fifth grade class at the SouthParisCollaborative. The students had to write about their hopes and dreams for fifth grade and I'm happy to share that the majority of the students were really interested in improving their technology skills. I'm so happy to be working with such a great bunch of tech-savvy children! I'll keep you posted of their technology feats as we progress through the year.

As a member of TEAM I'm looking to fine tune my technology skills and to learn about what's new in educational technology. While I have worked with a variety of applications online and off, I want to better understand the technology I've been integrating into the curriculum for my students and I also want to learn about what's new and upcoming, since technology is constantly changing and never stagnant.

After attending some conferences this summer, I've learned how important it is to play to learn. I'm eager to attend the TEAM program and workshops because I want to be able to play with what's new in educational technology. I also hope to connect to people who are just as passionate about web 2.0 as I am. Collaboration is important to me.

Sometimes, I feel like a hybrid of sorts between a digital native and digital immigrant. Between all of the new Google applications that I use and recently downloaded itunes subscriptions, I almost always feel up to par with what's going on. But even while I'm sitting here, the technology sometimes seems to be moving faster than anyone can keep up with, even the digital natives. It seems there is so much to learn in such a small amount of time that by the time most people have seen it, it's either outdated or tweaked with a new download for updating.

I hope being apart of TEAM will help me to better navigate and alter the world wide web as a digital citizen. I want to help prepare my students to be 21st century learners by embracing the fact that I'm a 21st century teacher. I dream of doing great things with educational technology as a member of the TEAM.


Adam Dugger said...

I absolutely love your blog page! I agree with what you are saying about being "up to par". It seems like that if you blink and sneeze, you have become dated using obsolete tools and old technology. New tools are always fun and exciting. My biggest concern is that they are useful and not just 'wowing' (a subjective viewpoint I know).
I look forward to collaborating with you.


farryl said...

Hi Christine! I teach 7th grade self contained special education. I would love your recommendations for websites. Thank you so much!

Miss DeLauro said...

Christine, I love your blog. Especially your layout, lol. I know what you mean about embracing being a 21st century teacher. I look forward to TEAM and working with you.

Rachel Boyd said...

Hi Christine,

Have just spotted you on twitter. Hopefully this blog will provide you with a space to reflect on and share what you've been learning through TEAM.

All the best, I look forwards to more posts about your learning.

Rachel, New Zealand

Samuel said...

I hear you about being in between, yet just being aware of the concept says something...

Karen Kliegman said...

Hey Christine,
Your blog is wonderful and I love how you have everyone's blogs listed!
Check out this article by Jamie McKenzie about digital natives/immigrants -

see you tomorrow at the conference!

Fran said...

Wow Christine--I kind of want to take my blog off the website because yours puts mine to shame!! You did an unbeleivable job!!! Are you sure you need to be in this program!!!!