Thursday, October 4, 2007

Consume, Contribute, Collaborate

Inspired by Nancy Sharoff's blog post Web-Cubed, I'm inspired to think about web 2.0 in a whole new light. During this technology revolution in history, our once READ/WRITE web is constantly transforming and growing in leaps and bounds. Its now a space where web-heads are not only able to consume information, but they can contribute and collaborate in real time on a flat, global playing field.

I consume a lot of online information daily. Between my three e-mail accounts, rss feeds, and the sites I choose to visit; new information is always here or there for me to consume, evaluate and process. I am, however, not limited to oohs and ahs witnessed by the many computer screens in my life. I can venture out and respond in an unlimited amount of ways. An e-mail response, a tweet to twits, a blog comment or new post, a podcast, or a video confession on YouTube or Teacher Tube. All of these places provide me with a space to vent, whether or not anyone is listening. However, if you feel a connection, we can always commiserate or celebrate together! E-mail me, send me a tweet, leave a comment on my blog, invite me to Skype or Second Life, or let's chat in Google. The possibilities are endless!

Let's collaborate together and expand on the virtual space that is our world wide web; web cubed!


kwhobbes said...

Christine, send me an email and we can chat in google.
Glad to see things moving right along for you. As you, I'm finding that I sometimes have too much on the web2.0 with which to keep up. I've been good at regulating my time until the last few days. Been trying to stay caught up but end up staying up a bit too late! Still, getting to read and keep up with all the thinkers and shakers!

Sharon said...

Wow, you are really a Technology-Queen! I'm really glad that I was in your group for our first project, as I could see you have a lot of knowledge and I hope to gain some knowledge from you. I don't know how you keep up with all of the sites you visit - I try and find myself overwhelmed at times!