Saturday, October 6, 2007

Windows Movie Maker

I attended my first EVV Workshop this past Saturday at the CW Post Campus. The focus of the course was how to create and edit movies in Windows Movie Maker on a PC. While the practice movie [music video] that I made was not educationally based, I do believe that the Movie Maker application has great potential both for teachers and students in the elementary classroom.

Here are some Movie Maker ideas we've accomplished/discussed in our 5th grade classroom:
  • Act out the plot of a book
    • Students are responsible for script, clothing, settings and props
      • Some of our students created settings/backgrounds by drawing them in the pages of the SmartBoard notebook software before we videotaped
  • Use student writing to create unique videos
    • Plays
    • Puppet Shows
    • Claymation
    • Drawings/Cartooning
  • Create Vodcasts about:
    • Classroom News
    • Current Events
    • How to Videos (Math Skills, Study Skills, Etc.)
    • Mock or Real Interviews
      • Interwrite Learning Video Contest
        • Show everyone your classroom’s talent and technology in this video contest! Your song-parody video could be your school’s ticket to fame and $15,000 in interactive classroom technology, plus hundreds of lesson plans and other content—an Interactive Makeover™

Here are some ideas/uses for Movie Maker that I found online:

FYI - Movie Maker Tutorials

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SuZq said...

What GREAT ideas! I plan to borrow a few. LOL! Thank you for
being so sincere. I'm still playing around with all these tools and feel like a novice 99% of the time, but I'm enjoying every minute of it. I'm going to upload another video from our workshop.