Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm a "Right-Clicka." What are you?

*Thanks to Ryan Bretag for sharing this video on his blog, The Four-Eyed Technologist.

What is YOUR ideal laptop? P.C. or MAC? What specs does it have? What applications could you not live without? What color is it?


Ryan Bretag said...

Hi Christine:

I really find my Macbook Pro to be quite slick and powerful. When I added parallels and Vista, I knew I wasn't turning back ;-)

A PCMac is the way to go!

Patrick Higgins said...

That was hilarious. A few years ago, my programmer brother-in-law went mac and convinced us all to go. We haven't turned back yet.

Ryan, I have paralells, but have not installed yet. Truly, I don't see the need yet, but I still hang onto it, just in case.

Adam Dugger said...

That movie was hysterical!

I'm a PC guy.. always have been and always will be.. I'm married to a MAC woman, but it's okay.. nobody is perfect.. lmao!

Rachel Boyd said...

Sorry Christine, I'm an "ibook flippa" - well actually a black macbook flipper lol!

I loved the video, I've only seen the short version of it previously.

Cheers, Rachel, NZ