Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy 10th Birthday Weblog

Thanks to Steve Hargadon for making me aware of the Weblog's birthday at

Did you know that according to wikipedia, the phrase "weblog" will turn 10 on December 17th, 2007? I teach 5th grade, so that means that blogging is as old as most of the students in my class. By the way, my 10 year old students really love blogging.

Do you support blogging with your students? YOU SHOULD! Check out

Then check out this BLOG birthday wishes voicethread:

Isn't this great? Good! Now go blog, and don't forget to include your students. :)

1 comment:

Karen Kliegman said...

Very cool! Can't believe that blogging has been around for 10 years..that really surprised me.