Sunday, January 6, 2008

Reach! I did!

Every once and a while, life becomes stagnant and you need a new challenge. My challenge was learning how to ski in a mono-ski in the experiential mono ski clinic I attended this weekend. While I have been a ski instructor for a few years, it has been a while since I have been in the shoes of a student struggling with a new skill that initially seemed very much out of my reach.

Like you read in my last post, I was really scared about the prospect of sitting in the [mono-ski] bucket, very concerned about my lack of control. Despite my anxiety, this experience was well worth it. I appreciated being pushed a little bit out of my comfort zone because I was able to reach and accomplish much more in the mono-ski then I ever I thought I could. I not only linked turns, but with the help of one of my course conductors Kirsty and my friend Ray, I was brave enough to try more challenging terrain albeit a green circle, and I even engaged my ski on a few steep inclines by carefully leaning into the fault line while attached to the mono-ski.

While I did fall A LOT and I did roll the ski once with me in it, I am not discouraged. I look forward to mono skiing again and I encourage other adaptive instructors to experience the power and grace of the mono-ski. Just be warned, this adaptive sports technology requires a strong upper body, muscles that I pushed to the limit during this event. But the pain my friends, was well worth it!

Check out the animoto I created with some pictures from the clinic.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Experiential Mono-Ski Clinic: Anticipation

Normally, I blog about using technology in the classroom. Tomorrow however, I'll be learning to use technology on the slopes; adaptive ski technology.

I recently won a scholarship to attend an experiential mono ski clinic through the PSIA-E (Professional Ski Instructors of America - East). I'm currently Level I - Adaptive certified to teach skiers who are visually impaired and/or cognitively challenged. In order to pursue my Level II - certification I need exposure to more adaptive ski disciplines like teaching mono or bi-skiers.

My friend Tom is a fantastic mono skier who I work with on the slopes. You can learn more about mono skiing at his site I also embedded one of his inspiring videos below.

I'm a little nervous about what I will learn and experience during this two day clinic. I have a feeling I'll have to ski in the bucket and I'm scared. I promise to keep you posted with pictures and reflection.