Monday, May 12, 2008

Using Digital Audio and Video in the Classroom

I just started my new class: Using Digital Audio and Video in the Classroom. This course prepares educators to incorporate digital audio and video content in their classrooms. Students acquire technical skills in creating and editing digital audio and video content. They prepare it for classroom use, explore educational issues surrounding it, and work to develop creative uses of audio and video in their curriculum. Within the course, students learn to record, edit, compress, and distribute digital content. They also confront topics related to educational uses of audio and video in the classroom context as well as out-of-school contexts. Finally, the class works through materials designed to strengthen their ability to creatively envision and deploy digital media within their own curriculum.

I'm excited to start this course, but I was even more excited after reading the blog posting, A Hero is Born, from my online teacher friend Mr. James on his site, Learning as a Way of Teaching.

Mr. James is an inclusion teacher who started using video this year to teach his middle school science class. Check out the Adventures of Taksman.

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