Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Harris Burdick Writing Project Video

The last assignment in my video class was to create a video that met the following requirements:
  • The video should be 3 to 7 minutes long
  • Include moving video that you have captured
  • Can include still images
  • Should have your voice as part of the narration
At the suggestion of Dr. Schneiderman , I folded this assignment into another project that I have been working on in my 5th grade classroom, called the Harris Burdick Writing Project.

Most recently my co-teacher Lisa Parisi and I, along with Brian Crosby, a fifth grade teacher from Nevada, discovered that we were 2nd place winners of the 2008 SIGTel Online Learning Award from ISTE for this collaborative project.

Below is the demo video I created for our poster session presentation and the video assignment that I'm submitting for TEAM.

I found the background music for my movie at It was composed by Brian Cassel.

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