Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boom De Ah Dah

Isn't this cute? I made it with my new Discovery Educator Network friends.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Discovery Educator Network - Leadership Council Institute

I had a great first day at the DEN - Leadership Council Institute! The kick off day was so much fun between the new friends I've made and the fun video we created! I've definitely caught the D-E-N spirit. Watch this video and Boom De Ah Dah with me. I'll post more pictures throughout the day.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Long Island Children's Museum

Look what I just found on YouTube. Another teacher in my class included it in her graduate level assignment on her field trip wiki to the Long Island Children's Museum. It makes me wonder if other local field trip sites have videos on Youtube too. I'm going to have to check or start making some field trip videos for myself. This btw, is a great video. Check it out. :)

Social Stories Using Mixbook

Yesterday I came up with the idea to have my intermediate students create social stories for the primary autism students at our school. Below is a model that I created for my graduate course. I thought the idea had potential since the project connects students across grade levels, it empowers the intermediate students as helping the younger students with a purposeful activity and fosters disability awareness for the general education students through hands on interaction and application. I also like how the Mixbook can be viewed online from home or on the SmartBoard as a presentation tool in the autism classroom. Parents or teachers could also order the books through Mixbook, and perhaps Mixbook would consider helping us do this as a fund raiser for SEPTA (Special Education PTA). Have you seen this before? What do you think?

BTW - This is my first social story. I'm not sure if I did it correctly.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Technology Integration Creation Workweek – Using Museum Resources in the Classroom #2

Gabcast! Technology Integration Creation Workweek – Using Museum Resources in the Classroom #2

21st Century Skills--Merging Community w/School Using Cultural Resources in the Classroom

Hello friends,
My last two gabcasts were an assignment and an experiment I did for my graduate level summer class, 21st Century Skills -- Merging Community with School Using Cultural Resources in the Classroom. I was asked to use gabcast as part of my project, but in the process I learned that I could set up my account to publish live to my blog, and it worked! You just need a cellphone and a code and password provided to you by gabcast.

For my assignment, I choose to visit the Long Island Children's Museum and focus on the Changes and Challenges exhibit. The gallery is comprised of a house, school and outdoor environment that allows children to experience how people with differing abilities adapt to daily challenges.
While my wiki assignment is still a work in progress, feel free to check it out here. My wiki assignment was to create differentiated assignments for my students to complete before, during and after our field trip to the exhibit. I chose to focus my assignment around the acceptance unit that Lisa and I begin our school year with.

Here are some pictures from my field trip to the LICM.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I just joined Plurk and I'm figuring it out. Please join me or befriend me if you're already there.