Monday, November 10, 2008

Do you have a LoTTIE Dotty?

As an inclusion teacher, I'm often looking for low tech devices to assist my students with high incidence disabilities. A LoTTIE kit is an ideal resource for teachers who want to support struggling learners in a general education setting.

LoTTIE stands for "Low Tech Tools for Inclusive Education" and the LoTTIE kit was
developed by Judith Sweeney of Onion Mountain Technology. At the Onion Mountain site, you can purchase LoTTIE kits filled with low tech tools for literacy, math, organization and more!

At my NYS Local Assistive Technology Specialist training in October, I was able to peruse a LoTTIE box and found that I had a lot of the items included in the package already in my classroom such as colored transparencies, a digital recorder, ezc readers, etc
. I also viewed a project proposal by my peers entitled Low Tech Solutions for Low Tech Ladies. Based on their project, you could definitely create your own LoTTIE kit with some time, patience, creativity and a little bit of moolah.

While traveling through cyberspace on the Teach42 blog challenge, I came across the Virginia Department of Education's Assistive Technology Blog. On November 7th, 2008 they shared about a unique opportunity to participate in an online workshop regarding a LoTTIE kit.

As stated on the site, "
In this online course/workshop, the participant will learn what is assistive technology, what are LoTTIE Kits, and what are the numerous low and mid tech tools that are available to help students with special needs be as independent as possible. After completing this online workshop, the participant will have acquired some of the skills needed to support the integration of assistive technology devices and services into the educational plan of students with special needs."

So what are you waiting for? If you're an inclusion teacher or general education counterpart, go explore those sites and you might come away with a LoTTIE!

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