Sunday, November 2, 2008

Who Am I and What's my Blog All About?

Teach42 and I have had ongoing conversations about how to be a better blogger. Through my participation in his daily blog challenge this month, I'm going to ponder and reflect on what makes one a better blogger.

I feel like I'm immersed in blogs. I blog here, on the New York DEN blog, and Lisa and I are constantly reviewing and approving blog articles and comments for our students in the South Paris Collaborative.

How do you, however, measure the success of the blogger? Is it an internal measurement, measured through the power of goodness in the heart and mind? (I.e. The little voice inside your head saying, "You did a good thing by blogging today.") Or do you measure the success of your blog, by the silent dots on your Clustr Map or the number of comments under your posts. I often wonder about this... don't you?

Let me begin with blog challenge #1, Who am I and what is my blog all about?

I consider myself a Jess of all trades, instead of a Jack of all trades. I'm a fifth grade co-teacher in an inclusion classroom. Often, I find that my friends from around the world don't truly understand what that means. I'm actually the special education teacher, but like most classified kids and their parents, I don't like the label. I'm a teacher, they're my students.

In addition to teaching, I'm also learning. In June I'll graduate with my second masters in Educational Technology from the TEAM Program at C.W. Post/Long Island University. Thanks to my friend JoAnn in TEAM, I've also decided to pursue the NYS VESID Local Assistive Technology Specialist Certification through the TRE Center. Once I've completed the certification process "I will have acquired the competencies necessary to provide appropriate Assistive Technology Services to students with disabilities."

After school, I teach staff development classes for my local teacher center, present at conferences and also provide Academic Intervention Support (AIS) in math and ELA for struggling students throughout the school year. I'm also the webmaster and public relations person for our school. In my free time, I have been a Level I Certified adaptive ski instructor through PSIA who volunteers to teach blind and cognitively impaired skiers. I've been doing this since 2000-2001.

My blog therefore, is a mishmash of my experiences. Sometimes, I blog for college. Other times, I like to blog about what I learn from the conferences I attend. On the New York DEN blog, I like to share events that are happening around the state with my New York colleagues. I'm impressed with bloggers who can stick to one topic. I'm still working on that.

So my blog readers, I invite you to partake in the Day 1 - Blog challenge. Who are you and what's your blog all about?

30 Days to Being a Better Blogger


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