Monday, December 29, 2008

FYI - ISTE SETSIG - Call for Nominations

I'm a member of ISTE - SETSIG ( Special Education Technologies Special Interest Group) and I just found out that they've put out a call for nominations for the following positions:

Vice President
Term: 1 year (please note this term is listed incorrectly as 2 years on the nomination form)
The powers and duties of the Vice President shall be: (1) to serve in the Chairs place and with the Chairs authority in case of the absence of the Chair; (2) to assume designated responsibilities which will provide training for advancement to the office of Chair; (3) to assist in the coordination of the SIG activities at the annual NECC conference; (4) to assist with the communication process among all SETSIG members.

2 year term
The powers and duties of the Secretary are: (1) keeping minutes of business meetings of SETSIG and the Board of Directors; (2) publishing the minutes of SETSIG business meetings to the SIG’s Board; (3) publishing notifications from ISTE to the SETSIG listserv, including news releases and reports; (4) recruit and communicate with regional representatives; (5) coordinate membership initiatives; (6) monitor and coordinate listserv activities; (7) oversee work of web developer and communicate content expectations for quarterly publications

Member At-large (2 positions open)
Term: 2 years
Description: The powers and duties of the Members At-Large shall be (1) to represent the SIG at regional and national meetings, (2) propose initiatives that enhance the operation and growth of the SIG by improving ways the SIG meets the needs of specific subgroups interested in special education technology. Efforts should be made to seek diverse representation of the many roles within the field (e.g., individuals with an exceptionality, parents, teachers, administrators, technology specialists, researchers, teacher educators, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, rehabilitation specialists, product developers, and others) in order that no more than two members at-large represent any single interest area (i.e., teacher education).

Nominations for SETSIG will open January 5, 2009.

Since I'll be graduating with my Educational Technology Masters in June, I'm wondering what I'll do next. The Member at Large Position would be a nice way for me to merge my background as a Special Education Teacher with my new degree in Educational Technology. I'd like to use my knowledge and experience to assist the SETSIG community.

If you're an ISTE SETSIG member, do you have any advice for me?

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