Wednesday, December 31, 2008

TreCenter Demo Days

Thanks to Jeff Dorr at the TRE Center for posting that there will be two free vendor demonstrations that will take place at the TRE Center in Albany, New York during January.

Jan 13, 2009

Time: 10-12 (Tango) and 1-3p (Eye gaze)

Event Tango & Eye Gaze Edge System Demos Open to Public

This is a free demo and open to public. No registration is necessary - just come in. "The Eyegaze Edge" : LC Technologies eye-controlled AAC device and computer/environmental control system, for both children & adults "The Tango": Blink-Twice's AAC device for children, teens and now, adults


Jan 23, 2009 (rescheduled due to ice storm)

Time TBA - Watch our calendar on or contact me at address below

Event MyTobii and ATi demo

1) for two good videos of users of MyTobii
then click on the links to the right showing a young woman, 21 yr old with CP (this is a 2 minute video) and boy, 11 yr old, also with CP (this is a 2 minute video). On that same page to the left are links with photographs of 5 users and a description of what their diagnosis is and how they use the MyTobii (these are not videos, just photos and text)

has graphic info and descriptions of all our products, as well as a Funding Section

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Christine Southard said...

Anonymous asked: Are you showing a DynaVox V (more powerful than the Tango) or DynaVox EyeMax (more powerful than the Tobii P10)?

My answer: That's a question you'd have to pose to the

The Tre Center is presenting the demonstration and you can contact them via their website.