Sunday, January 25, 2009

Flash in Education

We need flash and pizazz in education to capture the attention of our students, and to be honest, I wouldn't mind a little flash to maintain my own interest as well. When teaching and learning is exciting, how can you not be engaged? Everyone needs a little bling in their lives. Let's bring some bling to education.

However, in order to learn attract attention in a 21st century classroom [that uses technology], you need to know how flash works. I want to know how flash works. Adobe Flash, that is. Actually, Adobe Flash Professional is what I'll be working with in my Ed. Tech. program this semester and I'm really excited. If you clicked on the link above, saw the visuals and listened to the sound effects, I hope you were excited too. Could you imagine your class welcoming your students like that everyday? Now that would be one engaging morning message! The video clip on the Adobe site really drew me in. Skill wise, however, I don't expect that I will be able to create this for my students right away, or at all, but it is a tiny goal that I have for myself. I secretly want the 'bling.'

For this TEAM assignment, I had to review a few different sites that use Flash and to take notes on techniques and features that I found interesting and useful. So here goes:
  • I liked flash programs where students could drag, drop and manipulate virtual manipulatives.
  • I also enjoyed the sites created to give interactive tours. As a teacher, it is a unique way to actually engage students in history or a mystery.
  • I also found the short tutorials and interactive models where students could role play in a virtual space were a nice alternative for reteaching and review.
What I didn't like about some of the flash sites:
  • Some sites were very boring. I guess this means that Flash doesn't always need to be flashy.
What's next?
  • I'm eager to see if working with Flash will be easy or challenging, and if Flash will transform the way I communicate with my students through my website.
  • I also wonder if my students could easily create Flash.
  • Can you embed Flash into a Smart Notebook file?
  • Will I acquire Flash bling? be continued.


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