Thursday, January 22, 2009

On the Road With Autism

Earlier in the school year, during my week long training for my Local Assistive Technology Certificate, my instructor David Grapka, asked our group if we knew of any community based recreational activities for students with special needs. The participants, educators and service providers from various locations within New York, had some difficulty coming up with a substantial number of resources for the families. In turn, I've noticed that families can have a difficult time with this too.

On Bonnie's Blog, Bonnie shared a link to a non-profit sports and awareness program called: On the Road with Autism, that is dedicated to helping families find active solutions for their autistic children and the entire family. It is important to remember that there are always ways to get kids outside and involved, no matter what their challenge. Here is what a little love and a little duct tape can do:

Near me, the Adaptive Sports Foundation is a great place. What places in your neck of the woods would be an ideal place for all children to visit?

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samccoy said...

Thanks Christine, I appreciate your efforts to share these resources. I love the story of On the Road with Autism.

I know many people who could benefit from this information, so I will share with them.