Sunday, February 15, 2009

Philosophy of Assistive Technology

My philosophy of assistive technology stems from my background in inclusion, educational technology and universal design. Through conversation, observation and action, I want to be able to provide people with access to technology that will help them to work to their fullest potential in their own unique settings. No matter who they are, or what their challenge, I want to use technology to help people to be able participants in the communities of their life, online and off.

In an ideal world, assistive technology would be available to any person who requires it in order to augment, preserve or improve their social, emotional, physical and academic well-being. As an A.T. specialist candidate, special education teacher and adaptive ski instructor, I believe that I have the ability to assess, create or modify assistive technology in order to help individuals to compensate or remediate a skill deficit or challenge in his or her life.

In this 21st century world, I feel educators need to make a commitment to technology integration in their classrooms not only to meet and surpass ISTE standards, but to make the assistive nature of educational technology ubiquitous to teaching and learning for students of all skill levels.

Like a skier who deals with the ever changing conditions, I predict that my philosophy of assistive technology will adapt as I evaluate each unique case that comes my way. My goal is to help empower people and families with assistive technology to improve the quality of their lives.

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