Sunday, April 19, 2009

Have you heard about Caitie?

Gravity is love and every turn is a leap of faith. ~Author Unknown

Have you heard about Caitie? Her real name is Caitlin Sarubbi and she's a fellow skier from the Adaptive Sports Foundation where I've volunteered for the last 10 years!

Caitie needs some help in her quest to get to the
2010 Paralympics in Vancouver and since I can't attend her Party For a Dream event in Brooklyn this Friday to support her, I vowed to blog about it. My goal is to get the word out and to encourage monetary or silent auction donations from you, your school or your business in order to help Caitie get to the Olympics.

Caitie was born with Ablepharon Macrostomia that left her without eyelids as well as other facial deformities. She had her first surgery when she was only three days old to salvage her eyesight. Since childhood, Caitie has had 57 reconstructive surgeries on her face and hands. Caitie believes that she was blessed to have had the top surgeons in the world as her doctors. It was the doctors that saved her life that have inspired her to follow in their footsteps and to pursue a career in the medical field.

Despite her challenges, Caitie became interested in skiing after the members of her family were invited as special guests to the Hartford Ski Spectacular by Disabled Sports USA after 9/11.
Caitie’s father, a NYC firefighter, brought the whole family to the event so they could enjoy snow sports together.

For Caitie, skiing unleashed a freedom in her that she had never felt before. “For the first time,” she states, “I felt that there were no boundaries, no limits, no disability. I was free to do whatever I wanted.”

Back home, Caitie did some research and found the Adaptive Sports Foundation in Windham, New York. Since elementary school, Caitie has spent her weekends taking lessons to improve her skiing at the ASF. Ultimately, she began training and competing at the National level to qualify for the US Adaptive Ski Team (USAST). Since Caitie graduated high school she has maintained excellent grades at Harvard University where she is currently attending as a pre-med undergraduate, while still pursuing her skiing career.

In case you haven't heard, nineteen year old Caitlin Sarubbi is now a rising star in the adaptive ski-racing world and has earned a space on the US Adaptive Ski Team. Her new focus, is the reward of earning a medal in the 2010 Paralympics in Vancouver!

Caitie is a skier classified with a visual impairment, but she is still a racer. In order for Caitie to ski and compete she requires the assistance of a guide that skis in front of her and acts as her eyes through the race course. The guide calls out commands to Caitie through the wireless headsets they wear as they race through the gates together toward the finish line.

In order to maintain her participation on the US Adaptive Ski Team, Caitie requires a budget of ~ $100,000. This amount includes the cost of her guide, PSIA Certified Instructor, Gwynn Watkins, a former head coach of the Waterville NH, Winter Park CO, and Challenge Aspen Adaptive Ski Teams. The money also includes travel expenses, fees and equipment for the two of them.

In response to this blog, there are a variety of ways you could help support Caitie in her quest to attend the 2010 Paralympics.

  1. You could attend her party on Friday, April 24th, 2009 in Brooklyn, NY.
  2. Donate an item or service to the Silent Raffle/Auction
  3. Make a secure credit card donation through the Adaptive Sports Foundation Website.
  4. Mail a donation to Caitlin Sarubbi at 21 Knight Court, Brooklyn, NY 11229
  5. Repost this blog within your educator networks and encourage others to help Caitie.
Anything you can do to support Caitlin would be greatly appreciated.

Turn right, turn left, repeat as necessary. ~Author Unknown

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Diana Kenney said...

What a beautiful young woman. Thanks for sharing her story. You can count on me to make a donation. I will post your blog link too!