Monday, August 17, 2009

Sensory Assault Operations

This summer, I met a local Hudson Valley mom, Sherri Pruner. She is the creator of a company called Sensory Assault Operations - Gear for Kids on a Sensory Mission. Based out of necessity and influenced by military life, her husband is in the ARMY, this Pleasant Valley mother of a four year old with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder created Sensory Assault Operations.

Early on, Sherri noticed that her son had sensory issues. He hated baths, having his diaper changed and was overwhelmed by loud noises. After being diagnosed with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder, her son was evaluated by her local CPSE team and placed on a sensory diet.

Inspired by her son, Sherry opened an online store for parents with kids on a “sensory mission!”

From her press release:

Parents with kids who have sensory needs alone or in addition to Autism, ADD, or ADHD will find products created by a fellow parent.

The mission that Sensory Assault Operations is embarking on will be to provide fun products in a cool and empowering way so that children with sensory needs learn how to manage them when they are away from home.

The goal of Sensory Assault Operations is to help parents navigate the winding journey through the world of special needs by providing unique products, tips, and information.

Two featured products on the site include: The Sensory Assault Pack and the Propaganda Pad. The sensory assault pack is a bag of sensory items that you can customize to your child's needs. The propaganda pad is a weighted bag that is naturally scented with cloves and cinnamon to add to the sensory experience.

Unique to the site is the SAP Briefing Area where Sherri offers some scenarios and suggestions for tools that might address the specific sensory needs of a particular child in your life or under your care.

While this site is geared toward parents, there are a variety of tools that are appropriate for school and could be considered for use in the classroom depending on your learning environment and the needs of your students. Please visit the site and explore.

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