Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Add Your Two Cents: Innovation for Assistive Technology

Reposted from:  the Tools for Independence Blog written by Michael Carbine 
Is today’s assistive technology simple to learn, use, integrate and support? That’s the question being asked by the National Center for Technology Innovation. And it wants AT users to contribute to an issue paper it released at its Technology Innovations conference earlier this month. The paper, entitled Innovation for Assistive Technology, summarizes finding from an extensive research project NCTI undertook to identify what “state-of-the-art” AT means, and what the AT field must do to realize its full potential for helping people with disabilities live as independently and productively as possible. But NCTI isn’t stopping there. While it interviewed stakeholders as part of its research, it’s now asking AT users across the nation to contribute to the paper. Using what it calls a “crowdsharing” approach to completing the paper, NCTI wants your input on what you need, what’s meeting your needs, what isn’t, and how AT can be designed in ways that make the devices simple to learn, use, integrate and support in everyday life. NCTI is accepting comments on its website and by email, and also by phone. You have until December 31 to respond. To read the paper and post your comments, visit You can email your comments to, or call (202) 403-5323.

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