Friday, January 15, 2010


Witch finger should I use for tracking? 
Cackle. Cackle. 



Post - it.  Note - it.  Tab it. 
Get organized. 


Student With Autism is Semifinalist for a Rudy Award

Centennial Coyotes' Jesse Ortiz has been selected as a Semifinalist of the High School Football Rudy Awards. You can vote for him by visiting his page on the Rudy Awards site.  The winner of the Rudy Award receives a $10,000 college scholarship.  

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

50 Best Blogs for Special Educators

Looking for some great special education resources?  
Check out the list for the 50 Best Blogs for Special Educators.

180 Days of AT/UDL

I've been co-inspired by the 365 Project and Karen Janowski's latest post on Technology in Schools to create a blog assignment for myself in which I'll take 180 pics of AT/UDL in action in the school environment.  The purpose of the 'Original' 365 Project is to collect photos that document 1 year of a life. Typical of a special education teacher, I'm going to adapt that concept.  The purpose of my project is to create a visual portfolio of the day to day tools that students may use to be successful in their learning.  This project will last for 180 days because that is the length of a typical school year.  However, this particular blog will end conveniently on June 30th of this year and it will include weekends.  Maybe next year, I'll start in September and not include Saturday and Sunday.  Want to join me?  Use the hashtag #180ATUDL2010

What is UDL?